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What Should I Know About Laser Hair Removal?

Published on July 10, 2015

Unwanted hair always makes almost everyone to look insecure about their looks. To look decent and more beautiful, people use various methods. Some undergo various aesthetic treatments that have positive and negative effects while others cling to their old styles such as shaving and waxing. Unlike other modern methods, the laser hair removal method is a popular surgical cosmetic procedure that has garnered a lot of praises. However, before you get the laser surgery, this is what you should know about Laser hair removal.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

This is a cosmetic surgical procedure that uses a strong pulse of laser beam to destroy the hair follicle, hence eradicating unwanted hair. Laser hair removal should be taken seriously and performed by qualified physicians to prevent future complications. Prior to its launch, the laser hair removal was tested by physicians and researchers for over 20 years before it was officially launched. It is currently among the best commonly used hair removal treatments in the world.

Qualifications of the Manhattan dermatologist removing your unwanted hair

There are several beauty spas and centers that provide this form of therapy just like other services. However, some don’t have enough advanced equipment’s to handle various techniques and procedures. For instance, different laser beams are used differently depending on the type of hair and skin that a client has. There are also aesthetic medical rules that should be followed by every physician. That is why it is advisable to contact a professional and certified dermatologist and ask questions regarding laser hair removal.

Before your hair removal procedure, be sure you know what type of skin and hair you have?

You should know your hair and skin type before setting foot in any spa. This is because everyone has different hair and skin which requires specific intensity of laser beam. Therefore, it is paramount to consider this things before any laser therapy.

Clinic Reputation and Recognition

Although most clinics tend to offer this service, it is prudent to always check some of the essential things before investing your money. Some of the things to do include:
• Check the clinic and physician certification
• Recognition and reputation of the clinic
• Testimonials and reviews from previous clients
• Equipment’s used

What Not to Do

• Never tan before a laser hair removal procedure- can cause unusual skin lightening due to interference with laser light absorption.
• Don’t seek laser treatment for white or blonde hairs- they are only effective on darker pigment
• Avoid laser procedure after light sensitive medications- some medications can interfere with the process

The above DO’S and DON’TS are very important as they determine how you will look after the therapy. At Westchester Center for Dermatology, you will get the best services from qualified physicians who have done laser hair removal for years. You can look great within a few weeks, all you need to do is contact us.

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