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Discover The Most Advanced Skin Cancer Treatment – Mohs Surgery

Published on October 29, 2015

Mohs micrographic surgery is designed to remove basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas, the most common types of skin cancer. While you may not be familiar with it, the reality is that Mohs is not a new treatment for skin

How Juvederm Can Be Your Ultimate Anti-Aging Remedy

Published on October 15, 2015

Many people looking for a Manhattan dermatologist do so because they are becoming concerned about the increasing appearance of wrinkles as they age. These unsightly signs of aging can make us appear older than we actually feel. Fortunately, there are

Coping With Eczema During Cold Winter Months

Published on October 1, 2015

As colder weather finally arrives, many people will find the cold and dry weather challenging for their skin. Many skin conditions become more problematic as winter approaches. These may include rashes that are autoimmune, allergic, infectious, or irritant in nature.