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Clear + Brilliant Laser

Clear Brilliant Laser

Skincare can be complicated and can require highly personalized treatments that need to be designed to address your specific skin issues. People spend a lot of time looking for that perfect product or therapy for their skin because the look and health of our skin account for a large portion of our appearance. Beautiful skin enhances our overall appeal and gives our features a soft and radiant glow.

Even those who maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, eat a well-balanced diet and take the proper steps to maintain their skin still find that they simply can’t slow down the aging process that is diminishing the brilliance of their skin. To rejuvenate the skin and clear up skin issues, many patients come in for Clear + Brilliant.

The Clear + Brilliant Advantage

Clear + Brilliant is a revolutionary laser skin care treatment that has been clinically proven to reverse and reduce the effects of aging on the skin. The treatment provides a powerful and comprehensive treatment that restores the youthful and alluring appeal of your skin.

Clear + Brilliant is a non-invasive, non-surgical, and extremely gentle treatment that comes with a number of anti-aging and skin health benefits, including the following:

  • Improved and more even skin tone with an added radiant and youthful glow
  • The removal of dead and damaged skin cells to improve skin texture
  • A reduction in the size and appearance of pores
  • Enhancement of skin health, not just the visual improvement of the signs of aging
  • Little to no required recovery time

The treatment uses gentle, unique, and highly advanced fractional laser technology that is effective and safe for all skin types. The laser light is introduced into the body through a specialized handpiece that comes with a patented Intelligent Optical Tracking System (IOTS). The IOTS senses when the device has made skin contact using specialized treatment tip rollers in order to provide uniform treatment and ensure your safety during the procedure. The laser light revitalizes the skin from the inside out and replaces the damaged skin cells with healthy new ones.

The Procedure

To begin, patients must arrange a consultation with one of our experienced dermatologists. During this time, pertinent medical information will be collected and your skin thoroughly examined. Your doctor will explain the procedure to you in order to help determine if Clear + Brilliant is your best option.

The information obtained during your consultation will be used to calibrate the machine to the specifications that meet your personal skin care needs. You will be given protective eyewear in order to eliminate any risk during the procedure, and a topical numbing cream can be applied in order to decrease potential comfort.

The handpiece will be slowly guided over the skin in the desired areas so the laser light can take effect. The device is applied for intervals of 15 minutes to allow the skin to rest in-between applications. One session typically takes 30 minutes to complete.

How Many Clear + Brilliant Treatments Will I Need?

Results can be seen in as little as one treatment, but most patients will need multiple treatments in order to attain their desired results. On average, most patients need around three treatments. Touch-up treatments are also an excellent choice to help maintain the radiant appearance of your skin for as long as possible.

The schedule for your series of Clear + Brilliant treatments will depend on factors like your skin type and your skin’s natural rate of healing. Treatments are typically scheduled anywhere from two to six weeks apart. Our team can recommend the best treatment schedule for your skin.

After Your Treatment

Because the process is entirely non-invasive, your body does not require a lengthy recovery period. You may experience some swelling, redness, and discomfort around the area immediately following the treatment, but this should subside in about 12 hours. You may notice increased skin sensitivity and itchiness in the treated areas, but this is completely natural, as it is an indication of the natural skin renewal process. It ameliorates in a few hours.

“I was impressed by both the staff and Dr.Kriegel. The appointment was timely which is great when going to a Dermatologist. The doctor was patient, empathetic, and very knowledgeable. I was new to his office without a referral as I just luckily picked a wonderful doctor off the internet. I plan on making him my regular Dermatologist and will recommend him to friends, family, and colleagues.”

– Jim O.

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Is Clear + Brilliant Right for Me?

Clear + Brilliant laser treatments are an effective option for women and men who are looking to restore the youthful beauty of their skin or who are looking for a way to combat the signs of early aging. It is important to note that if you are looking to rejuvenate your skin using Clear + Brilliant for a special event the treatment should be performed more than two weeks before the event.

Clear + Brilliant Treatment Cost and Payment Options

The cost of your Clear + Brilliant laser treatment in Westchester can vary based on the number of treatments needed to provide you with your desired results and other factors. During your consultation at Westchester Center for Dermatology, our team can review the expected cost of your Clear + Brilliant laser treatment and let you know about our payment options.

Arrange an Appointment for a Consultation

If you feel like Clear + Brilliant can provide you with the customized and effective skin-care treatment you have been searching for, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified dermatologists.

Contact us in our Scarsdale office for a consultation or to learn how we can provide you with complete acne treatment.


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