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Pediatric Dermatology Services

Pediatric Dermatology Services in Westchester County

Pediatric dermatology focuses on treatment of children from birth to the teenage years, when skin disorders often first appear. During these years, common diseases such as chicken pox or ringworm can develop, eczema or acne may become present, or birthmarks are first noticed. We have practitioners that treat most common pediatric conditions based in our office located in Scarsdale, NY.

Pediatric Dermatology

What Are the More Common Pediatric Skin Disorders?

Otherwise healthy skin can contain distracting vascular (red) birthmarks, moles or warts, and infants and children are particularly susceptible to eczema. Skin rashes are common, whether they come from allergies or reactions to poison ivy. Ringworm, hives, and cradle cap can also appear. In adolescence, acne is a frequent concern, one that can cause scarring or affect self-esteem.

What Pediatric Dermatology Treatments Are Offered at the Westchester Center for Dermatology?

Our practitioners diagnose and treat a variety of pediatric skin disorders. We offer excellent medical care for:

  • Eczema
  • Acne
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Congenital skin disorders
  • Removal of warts, vascular (red) birthmarks and moles
  • Birthmarks can be eliminated or reduced
  • We also provide other services to aid or heal diseased or damaged skin.

The Benefits of Going to a Specialist

Young children may be unable to communicate or answer medical questions and may become impatient unless special care is given to their needs. Our specialists are experienced at dealing with children who are often uneasy and uncomfortable. Our procedures take this into account, and where possible specialized equipment that is more their size and less frightening to them is used. In addition to prescribing necessary creams, lotions, or antibiotics to treat infections, we offer a full range of both surgical and non-invasive dermatological procedures that can be used to treat many conditions.

Why Should I Visit The Westchester Center for Dermatology to Treat Eczema?

It is always best to have eczema examined by one of our experienced practitioners in Westchester. Although eczema isn’t usually an emergency condition, if it worsens in spite of daily application of over-the-counter steroid creams or other home remedies, you should arrange a visit. If the skin has become infected or the rash has become hot and painful and red streaks appear, or if a fever is present, medical attention should be obtained immediately.

Your Consultation

Our health professionals are highly skilled and trained to counsel parents and children with care and compassion when discussing treatment of pediatric skin concerns.

To properly diagnose conditions, a thorough physical exam will be performed, and the complete medical history of the child will be reviewed. Many factors may cause skin issues at a young age, so it may take some time to determine the root cause of the skin concern. The child’s nutrition, sleep, and mental and physical care may all be discussed to better understand the potential cause of the issue.

Once the skin condition is properly diagnosed, treatment options will be discussed, and the ideal treatment will be chosen. Parents will be provided with information regarding the chosen treatment. It will be important to commit to following treatment instructions to get the best results. Triggers must also be avoided so the issue does not return.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it normal for children to have skin rashes or irritations?

Yes, experiencing skin rashes or irritations is a common aspect of pediatric skin disorders. These symptoms typically reflect the body’s reaction to various external or internal factors, such as allergies or infections. However, parents should monitor for signs that indicate when to worry about a rash on a child, including associated fever, rapid spread, or pain, which require medical evaluation.

Are warts and molluscum contagiosum contagious among children?

Indeed, warts and molluscum contagiosum are highly contagious pediatric skin diseases that spread through direct contact or using contaminated objects. Emphasizing good hygiene can help prevent the spread of these viral infections in communal settings like schools.

Is childhood acne common, and when should parents seek treatment?

Childhood acne is a prevalent condition that becomes more common during puberty. However, acne in younger children should prompt a visit to a trusted provider of pediatric dermatology services like the Westchester Center for Dermatology. Treatment should be sought if acne is persistent, causes scarring, or affects the child’s self-esteem to manage the condition effectively and minimize potential scarring.

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