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Candela IPL

Candela IPL is an innovative skin rejuvenation therapy that can treat numerous skin ailments delivering excellent results. Our skin shows signs of aging in multiple ways. Scars, pigmentation, red spots, fine lines, and skin laxity are the most common signs. All these skin issues can adversely affect a person’s confidence and comfort with their appearance. Candela IPL treatment can help to treat these issues and restore the beauty of your skin. At Westchester Center for Dermatology, we can provide you with amazing results from your Candela IPL treatment in Westchester.

What is Candela IPL?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. Candela IPL is special light therapy for treating skin issues. Normally, people use laser beams for common light therapy treatments. Laser beams use only a particular light wavelength for treatment. This makes it ineffective against a variety of skin issues.

The Candela IPL treatment makes use of different wavelengths. This creates a scattered light pattern capable of penetrating the skin layers. The skin cells absorb this light and the heat generated by the light energy. Clusters of pigmentation in the skin are broken apart by the light energy and the skin becomes tighter and smoother. It is a very effective treatment for wrinkles, dark spots, red spots, and age-related skin problems.

What to Expect

Candela IPL is a minimally invasive technology that is completely safe. It is a proven technology that uses advanced equipment. However, it is always advisable to consult a skin specialist before undergoing the treatment. The procedure is carried out using specialized light therapy equipment with multiple handpieces. These are capable of emitting different light wavelengths based on the nature of the treatment. The treatment procedure involves:

  • Cleaning of the treatment area
  • Application of a topical numbing agent/cooling gel on the treatment area
  • Application of varying light intensities on the skin

IPL Recovery and Results

The entire procedure takes around 30 minutes. Based on the skin issues, you might require multiple sessions to properly treat the issues. Our team can go over the scheduling for your IPL treatment sessions during your IPL consultation in Westchester.

Most people feel a slight stinging sensation while undergoing the treatment. Swelling and red coloration around the treated area are also observed in some patients. Recovery time is minimal with most patients needing around two to five days. It is best to avoid direct exposure to sunlight during your recovery. Post-treatment instructions will also be provided.

Who Much Will My Candela IPL Treatment Cost?

As a part of your consultation, our team will go over the details of your treatment including the cost of your Candela IPL treatment in Westchester. Price will be determined by the number of treatments needed, the size of the areas being treated, and other factors.

Schedule a Consultation

To learn more about the cosmetic and medical treatments we offer, or to schedule a consultation for your Candela IPL treatment in Westchester, contact the Westchester Center for Dermatology today to schedule a consultation. Our team of board-certified dermatologists will provide you with amazing personalized care.