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Skin Allergy Patch Testing

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When the skin comes into contact with a substance to which it is allergic or hypersensitive, its reactions can include swelling, redness or blisters, itching, or a burning sensation. Our patients benefit from the expertise of our dermatologists, who can determine the cause of the reaction, which is the first step toward relief.

Skin allergy patch testing can help determine the cause of the allergic reaction and the correct treatment option for the patient. The patient’s skin is exposed to different types of possible allergens, and the way the skin reacts to these allergens is observed.

If skin allergies appear, the triggers will be listed down for the patient to prevent the allergy from happening again.

What Are the Symptoms of a Skin Allergy?

Different allergies have different symptoms, but the most common symptom we come across in our dermatology offices is an itchy rash, often with blisters. There can be stinging or burning as well, and the rash can also ooze, crust, or peel.

Additionally, look out for redness, swelling, cracking, bumps, and scaly patches. Symptoms of a skin allergy can range from mild to severe.

Allergic reactions may not happen immediately. The symptoms may appear in a few hours, and some can take up to 10 days before becoming visible.

During treatment, symptoms can continue to be visible for two to four weeks.

What Are the Causes of a Skin Allergy?

Allergies can be triggered by numerous factors, from food to fragrances, medications, chemicals, or the environment. Narrowing down the cause of an allergic reaction can be tricky—that’s why all activities, food eaten, and medicine taken are usually asked about during a consultation.

The most common causes include pollen from plants, animal dander, dust mites, insect stings, mold, food, and nickel. Some people can also be allergic to latex materials and specific medications.

Cockroaches can also be a culprit for skin allergies, since they move back and forth to various places that may be dirty.

How Does a Dermatologist Diagnose a Skin Allergy?

A skin rash can be caused by either an irritant or an allergy, and its location on the body sometimes helps in diagnosing its cause. A skin prick test or patch test – which we perform in our Manhattan and Scarsdale offices – can be used to help identify the particular allergen.

How Is Skin Allergy Patch Testing Performed in New York?

skin allergy patch testingA skin patch test is used to check for allergic reactions to many substances at the same time. For this test, paper tapes containing small amounts of many common allergens are applied to the back and left in place for two days. At that time, the certified dermatologist will remove the tape and study the results, looking for the redness or blisters that indicate an allergic reaction. The skin patch tests are quick, simple procedures that are safe and produce little discomfort. They are performed within our welcoming dermatology offices.

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