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What Does a Botox Treatment Offer For My Skin?

Published on August 16, 2011

Botox injections have become a popular, FDA approved, therapy for medical and elective purposes that has been used without any long-term, negative effects since the 1990s. This solution acts as a muscle relaxant which makes its application invaluable for a multitude of reasons. It is best known for its use as a wrinkle treatment that requires little downtime and offers a maximum result.

How does Botox work?

When treating facial wrinkles, an injection of Botox is made with a very small gauge needle into the skin and muscles. By relaxing the muscles in this area, the wrinkles are softened. This makes it an excellent treatment for frown lines, horizontal lines on the forehead, crows feet around the eyes, vertical wrinkles on the upper lip, and scowl lines between the eyebrows and at the top of the nose.

Botox injections weaken muscles that cause the wrinkles, but do not normally interfere with the patient’s facial expressions.

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