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Is Radiesse Treatment Safe? A Dermatologist Investigates

Published on August 26, 2011

What is Radiesse dermatology treatment?

Radiesse is a subdermal implantation cosmetic skincare treatment, offered at Manhattan Dermatology & Laser Center, that is used to reduce and eliminate unsightly smile lines, facial lines and wrinkles. It can also be used to smooth the skin by filling in acne scars. Radiesse contours the face, giving it fullness and volume, specifically in the areas of the brows, cheeks, chin, and jaw line.

Is Radiesse treatment save?

The Food and Drug Administration approved Radiesse for cosmetic use in December of 2006. It is both safe and effective. The entire procedure only takes between 30 and 40 minutes, depending on the number and severity of treatment sites.

A local anesthetic or topical numbing cream is used to help with any pinching sensations from the injection syringe. There is little to no pain during or after the procedure.

What can I expect following treatment in NYC?

After receiving an injection, patients may experience some bruising, redness, or swelling. These side effects typically vanish within a few days. A cold compress can be used to reduce swelling and redness. Applying a cosmetic concealer may help to cover bruising.

Patients should allow for the remainder of the treatment day and night to fully recover. It is fine to resume regular activities, however, care should be taken to avoid touching the treatment area. Additionally, activities such as laughing, shouting, gum chewing, and drinking through a straw should be avoided for 48 hours.

Discuss the possibilities of Radiesse with one of Manhattan Dermatology & Laser Center’s, Board Certified Dermatologists trained in filler delivery.

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