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Correct Rosacea, Facial Veins, Scars and Wrinkles with the V-Beam Laser

Published on September 30, 2011

Do you love your body but hate your skin? Is there an embarrassing spot, scar or discoloration that you constantly have to hide in public? Do you feel self-conscious about stretch marks or wrinkles that didn’t used to be there? Worry no more, Manhattan Dermatology & Laser Center is here to help you.

How the V-Beam Laser in NYC can treat many of your skin conditions

The V-Beam Laser is one of our most popular procedures. With treatment for skin blemishes, it’s one of the most miraculous lasers in the practice. If you’ve suffered with unsightly skin and endured potentially harmful treatments or costly procedures that didn’t work, you can finally leave the misery behind you.

This laser treats difficult blemishes such as those caused by rosacea, facial veins and scars. It also corrects common problems like wrinkles. It is the most effective treatment for these conditions.

Is the V-Beam Laser Safe for Use?

The V-Beam is completely safe and approved by Board Certified Dermatologists. There are no major side effects and while there may be some slight discomfort and redness to follow, these may be minimized by applying a topical anesthetic cream prior to the treatment

So, what are you waiting for? The V-Beam Laser is safe, effective and virtually pain free! Make an appointment today, by calling (212) 489-6669, and see for yourself how your life can be changed at Manhattan Dermatology & Laser Center.

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