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Vbeam® Laser Treatments Westchester

Facial veins, scars, birthmarks, rosacea, and certain red bumps can all be treated with Vbeam® laser treatments with excellent results and no damage to the surrounding skin. While the treatment’s benefits can often be seen after one short office visit, two to four treatments are often necessary to produce the best results.

Our certified dermatologists in Scarsdale perform this Vbeam® laser treatment from our Scarsdale dermatology offices.

Port Wine Stains
Port Wine Stains (Before)
Vbeam® Laser Treatment
Port Wine Stains (After)
Rosacea (Before)
Vbeam® Laser Treatment for Rosacea
Rosacea (After)

How does the Vbeam® laser treatment work?

The dermatologist at the Westchester Center for Dermatology will treat the selected area with a brief, but intense, gentle burst of light that will destroy the blood vessels being treated but leave the rest of the face alone. Red veins respond to this treatment better than the blue arteries, and the effects of the Vbeam® laser treatment are often immediately noticeable. There is no need for anesthetic or pain medications for those having a Vbeam® treatment, which is a non-invasive procedure, and little more than a brief sting is all most our our patients experience.

What should I expect after the Vbeam® treatment?

There may be a sensation of warmth in the area after the Vbeam® treatment, much like a slight sunburn would produce. There may also be slight swelling that lasts no more than a few days, or slight bruising or redness that goes away within a week. If the Vbeam® laser treatment was used to eliminate a port wine birthmark, there may be brief crusting in the area treated. Those with darker skin tones may occasionally have color changes in their skin, and in less than one percent of all the cases, slight scarring may result.

Brown Pigmentation (Before)

Brown Pigmentation (After)

Wrinkles (Before)

Wrinkles (After)

Angioma (Before)

Angioma (After)

How many treatments will I need to eliminate the blemish or unsightly vein?

This depends on your skin, your individual characteristics, and the amount of area to be corrected, but your dermatologist will discuss it with you and come up with the best treatment plan. It is very rare that more than three visits, each about a month apart, are needed.

Leg Veins (Before)

Leg Veins (After)

Facial Scar (Before)

Facial Scar (After)

Why should Westchester Center for Dermatology perform my Vbeam® laser treatment?

At Westchester Center for Dermatology, we have the most current model of Candela’s V-Beam Laser. This is called the Vbeam® Perfect and is considered to be the most effective and safest approach to laser treatment of veins, rosacea, red discoloration, and scars.

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