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Enlarge Lips, Augment Tissue, Correct Creases or Folds with Radiesse

Published on September 29, 2011

Manhattan Dermatology & Laser Center offers many options to help you look and feel better about your skin, including treatments using RADIESSE. This treatment can help enlarge lips and augment soft tissue, helping to correct creases, facial folds and loss of volume in hollow areas, such as the cheeks.

What is Radiesse?

RADIESSE is a non-surgical treatment that consists of a series of injections into the problem areas. To help reduce the pain of the injections, our board-certified dermatologist can apply a topical cream, such as ELA-Max, to the skin to numb the injection sites, usually one hour before the treatment begins. The procedure is short, lasting only 15 minutes, after which the patient is free to return to a normal day. Side effects are usually mild, mostly limited to some swelling for a day or two or mild bruising.

How does Radiesse work to enhance my appearance?

RADIESSE works by adding calcium hydroxylapatite gel to sunken areas. The active ingredient is a natural part of bones, so the body accepts it as a natural part of the face. As such, RADIESSE patients do not need an allergy test before treatment, as RADIESSE should not result in any allergic or immune response from the body.

What can patients expect following Radiesse treatment in NYC?

Results are seen almost immediately, as laugh lines, peri-oral lines and depressed scars disappear. The treatment area stays soft, hiding the lines even from another person’s touch. Manhattan Dermatology & Laser Center has found that RADIESSE is long-lasting, with results lasting for several months and possibly even years. Touch up treatments can be necessary, and individual results vary depending on the specific circumstances of the patient.

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