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Is My Child Suffering From a Skin Rash or Skin Allergy?

Published on June 9, 2010

Have your kids ever had an itch that wouldn’t stop, no matter what lotion, cream, or medicine you tried? Itching can be caused by many different things, and this is especially true for pediatric age groups. Babies, of course, can’t tell us when or where they itch. Cradle cap, acne, or even warts and birthmarks can affect children from birth forward. Amazingly, many adults don’t realize just how vulnerable a child’s skin is.

What causes my child’s skin irritations?

A disease can be inherited from family genes – for example, children’s eczema – or a virus can cause a rash, warts, and even chicken pox. Most parents know that new food or certain fabrics may cause an allergic reaction in their children, but many adults don’t realize that several skin allergies can originate from sun exposure or perfumes and aftershaves worn by parents and other adults. Plants like poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac, can produce minor to severe allergies, and allergies often cause respiratory issues that can follow a child into adulthood.

Our dermatologists in NYC help you and your child find relief

Sometimes scratching can result in scarring of your child’s skin. The board-certified doctors at Manhattan Dermatology and Laser Center understand that these skin problems can affect the attitude of your children and the way they see themselves. The scarred skin may also affect how a child thinks others see them, which can cause him or her to avoid social contact with others. Of course, isolation can result in your child becoming introverted or depressed.

We can help. In many circumstances, including acne and scars from scratching, the appearance of the scarring can be reduced or eliminated so self-esteem issue improves and the potential for depression from the scar(s) never occurs at all. Warts, moles and even birthmarks can be treated to reduce signs of scarring or blemishing of the skin.

If you would like to learn more about children’s skin rashes and the problems associated with skin issues in youngsters and adolescents, just give the doctors here at Manhattan Dermatology a call.

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