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How Scarsdale Dermatologists Use Skin Allergy Patch Testing

Published on February 13, 2015

Allergy skin testing, also called a patch test, is given by dermatologists to help identify potential allergens in someone who has experienced symptoms or who is being monitored for possible allergies. For example, someone who may be allergic to a powerful antibiotic should be given a skin allergy test to determine whether or not a true allergy exists. The patient should be tested before taking the medication for the first time, or again, if prior use is associated with symptoms.

How patch testing in Scarsdale works

A patch test dermatologist will apply paper tapes of several prospective allergens to the back of the patient. The patient is observed in the office two days later to see if any kind reaction occurs. Possible symptoms include but are not limited to responses such as itchy or red skin, blistering, swelling, difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, red face, or a sharp drop in blood pressure.

What should I do if allergies are noted from my dermatologist?

If the doctor suspects or believes the patient is allergic to one of the substances, a treatment plan will be discussed with the patient. In some cases the only medical solution is to avoid exposure to the allergen, especially if the response is severe or life-threatening. In other cases, the patient may be advised to take medicine to treat allergic symptoms if they are not severe or if the patient must be exposed to the allergen. Some dermatologists will begin immunotherapy to reduce the patient’s allergenic response to the substance over time.

This is why you need to see your skin care specialist in New York

Those who suspect they may have an allergy should contact a dermatologist. This practice has offices in New York City and Scarsdale that offer convenient appointment times. Suspected allergies should be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of a harmful future reaction. A qualified dermatologist will perform only the tests that are needed to get conclusive information about a patient’s suspected allergy.