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What Types of Cosmetic Enhancements Can Botox Affect?

Published on January 7, 2015

Botox injections have become one of the most popular procedures that dermatologists practice to alter the cosmetic appearance. Most people choose to get Botox to reverse the signs of aging and achieve a younger-looking appearance. There are many different sites on your body where you can get Botox injected. Where you choose to get the injections affects the results you will have.


Many people choose to get Botox injected in their foreheads to smooth the lines and wrinkles that can start to appear there over time. Getting Botox injected into the forehead is one of the most popular injection sites.

Around the Eyes

Getting Botox injected around the eyes is another popular means for looking younger. As you age, you tend to develop fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes that are commonly referred to as “crow’s feet.” Botox specifically targets these sites when injected into them to smooth away the signs of aging.

Between the Eyebrows

Between the eyebrows is yet another popular injection site. Much like the forehead, between the eyebrows is where we tend to develop lines and wrinkles over time. The area between the eyebrows is sometimes referred to as the “11 lines” area because of the 11 lines that tend to appear there. Getting Botox injected into this area helps reduce the prominence of those lines.

Sides of the Nose

Having Botox injected on the sides of the nose takes care of what are commonly known as “bunny lines.” These are lines that begin to appear on either side of your nose as you get older. Botox firms the skin in those areas and stimulates collagen growth to provide a smoother appearance around your nose.

Around the Mouth

Of course, another area where signs of aging tend to show up is around the mouth. Lines around the mouth caused by smiling and frowning tend to become prominent as we age. Getting Botox injected into the areas around the mouth can make the skin around the mouth seem smoother and younger-looking as well.