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Fill In Your Facial Wrinkles and Facial Lines With Radiesse Filler

Published on October 19, 2014

Radiesse is a volumizing dermal filler, injected just beneath the skin to fill any wrinkles and lines. Radiesse can be used anywhere that there are light to moderate wrinkles and is applied by a professional dermatologist. Additionally, Radiesse injections can be mixed with lidocaine to further reduce any discomfort during the process itself. Radiesse is an outpatient procedure, which can be completed within a matter of minutes depending on the amount of injections desired. Multiple injections can be used depending on the areas that the patient wishes to improve.

How does Radiesse remove facial wrinkles?

Rather than tightening the skin or tightening the muscles beneath the skin, Radiesse injections target the areas where there are wrinkles and fills them in, thereby creating a more youthful and rounded appearance without any harsh chemicals. These injections are harmless; barring any allergies, the injections usually do not create any side effects. The actual injections are composed of microscopic spheres, which support the flesh from within.

More than a filler, Radiesse volumizes

Radiesse is not like other fillers; it isn’t just a filler, it’s also a volumizer. Other fillers will absorb into a person’s body and eventually need the procedure performed again, but Radiesse actually builds the body’s natural collagen up under the skin. Thus, once the Radiesse absorbs back into the skin the body will have replaced the Radiesse with its own natural volumizer.

Patients may still wish to repeat the Radiesse procedure, as the collagen may not entirely replace the Radiesse filler, but the filler itself also lasts longer than many other types of filler agents — up to a year. Studies have shown that patients who get a Radiesse treatment are generally happier with their appearance than patients who use other similar types of treatment.

Who is Radiesse appropriate for?

Radiesse is the ideal procedure for those who have deep lines and wrinkles which they want to minimize the appearance of – and those who do not want to have to repeat a procedure often. Radiesse is also an ideal procedure for those who want a procedure that provides low discomfort, that acts immediately and that does not have any significant side effects.