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Clearing Away Stretch Marks with the Help of Light Therapy

Published on October 25, 2018

Stretch marks are common in people who go through major body changes such as weight loss and pregnancy. People also develop stretch marks due to use of corticosteroids or adrenal gland disorders. These marks usually appear due to a sudden increase in the production of cortisone in your body, which leads to stretching of the skin.

Stretch marks can appear in several locations, such as the armpits, upper arms, stomach, thighs, and around the breasts. While not painful, stretch marks can be embarrassing and unattractive.

It can be incredibly difficult for people to get rid of stretch marks. While there is a wide variety of creams and lotions on the market today, none of them are effective at completely wiping these marks away.

Light therapy is increasingly becoming a popular alternative treatment for treatment of stretch marks. This option can completely eradicate these unsightly marks.

What Is Light Therapy?

Light therapy is a completely safe non-invasive process that uses infrared and visible red light to clear away stretch marks. Infrared light is a form of invisible light that has a higher wavelength than normal light, allowing it to penetrated deeper within the skin.

This light has numerous curative benefits, such as pain relief, helping with psoriasis, and enhancing the appearance of skin and its texture. Light therapy has shown astonishing results in removing stretch marks and has taken the cosmetic world by storm.

How Does Light Therapy Work?

Infrared and red light from a directed source are shone upon the regions where stretch marks are seen. The infrared light reduces the severity of the stretch marks by smoothing out the upper layers of the skin.

Around ten to twenty sessions are needed to see an improvement of around 20% to 60%. These sessions will be spaced out over the course of five to ten weeks. The results achieved by light therapy are permanent, and the process itself is completely pain-free. This therapy even boosts your immunity.

Light therapy improves collagen levels in the body, which gives a softer and more youthful look to the skin. It also boosts elastin, which enhances new skin generation and gives skin a tighter look. The therapy also improves blood circulation, reduces any kind of inflammations, and helps with lymphatic drainage.

Any kind of sunbathing, waxing, tanning, or chemical peels are forbidden at least two weeks before your light-therapy treatment. It is also advised to avoid any kind of perfume or other lotions on the skin before and after the therapy for a time.

Light therapy is the best option for curing stretch marks, as it provides permanent effective results in a shorter period of time than other treatments such as spas and lotions.

Find Out More About Light Therapy from a Professional

Want to get rid of those stretch marks once and for all? If so, you should contact our office and set up a helpful light-therapy consultation. Dr. David Kriegel, a highly experienced dermatologic surgeon, is your best choice for smooth and stretch-mark-free skin.