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The Titan Laser Offers a Pain-Free Solution to Wrinkles

Published on January 8, 2014

One of the very best ways to treat wrinkles in NYC is with the Titan Laser. The Titan Laser procedure fights aging and sagging skin. This is a non-surgical procedure that gets remarkable results. The Titan Laser heats the dermis which contracts collagen under the skin and gives your skin a smooth youthful look. New collagen is created giving an even more dramatic healthy looking skin on your face, neck and body.

The benefits of cosmetic dermatology Titan laser treatments

A great benefit to this cosmetic laser procedure is it is extremely safe and can usually be performed in under an hour. There is no pain associated with this procedure. Two popular areas for this procedure are the neck and face. Great results are experienced for tummy tucks and non-surgical breast lifts.

Patients can expect to see a gradual improvement over two to six months as new collagen forms and the skin becomes tighter. It’s really an amazing transformation to experience.

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