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How is Mohs Surgery is Different than Other Cancer Treatments?

Published on October 20, 2011

Differentiating from other skin cancer treatments, Mohs surgery allows the immediate and thorough microscopic examination concerning the tissue containing cancer that has been removed. This allows all extensions and origination of the cancer to be destroyed as the cancerous tissue is removed and studied methodically. Mohs surgery has the highest cure rate for basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma. Doctors who perform Mohs surgery are required to have specialized skills in dermatologic surgery, dermatopathology and Mohs surgery.

Dr. David Kriegel is our Mohs skin cancer surgeon.

How does Mohs treat certain types of skin cancer?

Some types of skin cancers have the ability to continue growing under the scar tissue even when some cancerous cells are removed. However, Mohs surgery is meant to remove all sources of cancer by removing the “roots” of the cancer. Additionally, with Mohs surgery, the amount of skin that has to be removed can be accurately predicted. With Mohs surgery, only defective tissue and not healthy tissue is removed.

Most effective for skin cancers that are likely to reoccur

In most cases, Mohs surgery is saved for skin cancers that are probable to reoccur. Mohs surgery is also beneficial to those with skin cancer in areas such as the:

  • genitals
  • hands
  • feet
  • lips
  • hairline
  • nose
  • ears

Mohs surgery can be treated as an outpatient procedure in most cases. The patient is usually awake during the operation and most patients experience minimal discomfort. For additional information, or to schedule an appointment with Manhattan Dermatology & Laser Center, contact us online or call us at (212) 489-6669

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