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Treat Lines and Drooping Skin with the Titan Laser

Published on December 7, 2016

Nobody likes to have skin that looks aged and loose. The Titan laser is essentially an infrared laser device developed for treating loose sagging skin in a non-invasive manner. It aims at tightening skin and enhancing skin tone in areas surrounding the neck, chin, stomach and jawline. If you’re conscious about drooping skin in these areas, the Titan laser might be the perfect solution.

The Titan laser is among the latest FDA-approved laser treatments. During it, a heating device is utilized for targeting the skin tissues. The infrared energy emitted from the device causes heating of the dermis under the skin surface. This leads to contraction of your skin collagen, producing softer, younger-looking skin.

The Procedure

The Titan laser treatment is aimed at tissue tightening and can be thought of as a facelift that does not involve surgery. It is extremely effective in reversing skin aging.

The procedure involves heating the dermis layer of your skin (the layer below the epidermis). When the heat is increased to a certain temperature, the natural collagen production in the skin tissue is stimulated.

With the Titan laser skin treatment, you get uniform energy dispersal, similar to radio frequency treatments. This is part of what makes the Titan laser procedure superior to other skin-tightening treatments.

Advantages of the Titan Laser Treatment

Here are some of the key advantages of the Titan laser treatment:

• It is possible to use the Titan laser treatment as an alternative to facelifts or other skin-tightening procedures. Since no surgery is necessary for the lift Titan offers, it is seen as a more enticing option by many patients.

• The Titan laser procedure helps in restoring the youthful appearance of your skin and also boosts long-term collagen production for continued results.

• This is a very quick procedure and requires no downtime. This means you can get back to your daily routine and enjoy all kinds of activities almost immediately after the treatment.

• The Titan laser treatment can effectively treat wrinkled and sagging skin on your neck, chin, face, abdomen, forehead, elbows, knees, and other body parts. It is an excellent and safe option for patients of all skin types.

• This treatment is non-invasive and absolutely safe. Patients will not experience any discomfort during the administration of the procedure.

Am I a Good Candidate for the Titan Laser Treatment?

The Titan laser treatment is suitable for both men and women. When determining whether an individual is a suitable candidate for the treatment, the desirable results and existing skin quality are the most critical factors to consider.

Set Up a Consultation

For those who aren’t sure whether or not the Titan laser treatment is the right option for them, arranging an appointment with a skilled dermatologic surgeon and asking necessary questions can be very helpful.

Dr. David Kriegel is an experienced dermatologic surgeon serving patients in the Westchester County area. If you would like to schedule your appointment with Dr. Kriegel, contact us today and arrange a helpful and informative consultation.