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Have You Tried Vbeam Perfect Laser Treatments?

Published on January 30, 2019

Are you suffering from rosacea, birthmarks, and stubborn red bumps? It’s time you try Vbeam Perfect laser treatment. It works wonders for your skin by eliminating these skin problems without leaving any scars.

Vbeam Perfect Laser Treatment

Vbeam Perfect is a tried-and-tested pulsed dye laser treatment for skin. The laser energy is delivered in short pulses. A dye is used, allowing for the generation of laser beams of different colors.

Vbeam Perfect is excellent when it comes to treating blood-vessel issues such as rosacea, red bumps, broken capillaries, port wine stains, spider veins, strawberry hemangiomas, and birthmarks.

Vbeam is often called a vascular laser, since it is used to treat dilated blood vessels (like the kind that form rosacea). Vascular lasers target only the red protein in blood cells, which is called hemoglobin. The skin cells that surround the dilated blood vessels are left undamaged.

Vbeam Perfect is also very useful for treating pigmentation issues (including sunspots and freckles) and other skin problems like stretch marks, psoriasis, moles, warts, and wrinkles. Issues like post-surgical bruising can also be treated by Vbeam Perfect.

It’s important to remember that Vbeam Perfect laser treatment should be avoided by pregnant women and by patients who have taken Accutane for quite a few months. Individuals who have a history of cold sores or have been treated for herpes should undergo this procedure only after they have been pre-treated for these conditions.

How Is Vbeam Perfect Done?

During a Vbeam Perfect treatment, protective eyewear is worn by the patient and the doctor. After the protective eyewear has been put on, cooling mist is sprayed across the skin to alleviate discomfort. This mist comes out of a built-in Integrated Dynamic Cooling Device.

Pulses of laser energy will be directed towards the target areas. You may feel a warm tingling sensation when the doctor passes the laser over your skin. In some cases, a brief sting may be felt. Because this is typically the extent of the discomfort, no pain medication or anesthetic will be needed.

Once the procedure is complete, you may notice slight bruising, swelling, and redness in the treatment area. These are only temporary and will disappear within a week from the date of the procedure.

After your first treatment, you will begin to see results in the form of reduction in the appearance of the treated issues. Two to four VBeam Perfect treatments will be necessary in order to achieve ideal results.

What Are the Benefits of the Vbeam Perfect Laser Treatment?

Vbeam Perfect works wonders to reduce redness on your skin and other vascular issues. After a Vbeam Perfect treatment, you get a youthful, effervescent appearance and an even-toned complexion.

Usually, the results are visible almost immediately after the treatment, but the extent of improvement and the time of healing depending on your issues. For example, in a Vbeam treatment, red veins respond to treatment more efficiently than blue veins.

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