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Fight the Signs of Aging with CO2 Fractional Lasers in Scarsdale

Published on January 30, 2015

Over time, the natural signs of aging, as well as damage from the sun, start to reflect upon the skin. While this is a lifelong process that happens to every one of us, reversing the damage you see in the mirror doesn’t have to take quite as long. With CO2 fractional laser treatments you’ll be rejuvenating your skin in no time.

Why our Scarsdale dermatologists recommend laser treatments

For sun-damaged skin, a laser treatment is often the best option. Unfortunately, too many people try to conceal the problem with cosmetics or have harsh and abrasive treatments such as chemical peels.

Unfortunately, this does more harm than good.

Sun-damaged skin is often not just something that lurks on the surface, and it isn’t merely cosmetic in nature. Early signs of skin cancer may be lurking within the damaged cells so it’s important to have the area examined by a qualified dermatologist.

Why CO2 is so effective in fighting aging

Unlike cosmetic surgeries, chemical peels, injectable fillers, and other things used to reduce the signs of aging and enhance aesthetic appeal, the purpose of C02 fractional laser treatments in to actually eliminate damaged cells. This reduces the chance of them becoming cancerous cells in the future, as well as improving the look of new skin and taking years off of your appearance. It can also be used to treat scarring, keratosis, age spots, acne damaged skin, and areas treated for skin cancer in the past.

Who in Westchester County is the CO2 fractional laser ideal for?

CO2 fractional laser treatments are not ideal for everyone and are not a simple cosmetic procedure that takes a day to heal. Because damaged strips of skin are removed during the process, the healing process can take 7-14 days and there is discomfort involved.

However, it is ideal for those who don’t want repeated dermatological treatments for months, are at risk or highly concerned about skin cancer issues, or whose appearance can be greatly improved with the growth of new cells. During treatment a topical anesthetic is used, and most patients are in no greater discomfort than after a sunburn. It is, however, necessary to rest and avoid exertion during the healing process.

How do I know if this is the right cosmetic procedure for me?

Deciding if this procedure is the right fit for you is a big choice, and one that can only be made by an examination and complete assessment by your dermatologist. If you’re ready for a permanent solution for a persistent problem then schedule a consultation at either of our locations in Manhattan and Scarsdale to discuss this in-office procedure.