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What You Should Know About Eczema and Treatment

Published on January 29, 2015

Eczema is a chronic itchy red rash that most frequently appears on elbows, knees and other places that bend on the body. It is often related to chronic dry skin and may be mistaken for dry skin but requires additional treatment. Scratching eczema can lead to bleeding, which increases the inflammation and may make the rash even worse, creating a cycle of rash-itch-rash.

Get to know more about eczema and dry skin

Eczema is a very common problem throughout Westchester County and the red patches can be embarrassing, painful, and distracting to those who suffer with it. Because the itch factor is so intense and scratching can cause further irritation or even infection, medical dermatologists have developed treatments to address the underlying issue.

Dermatology-approved treatment options in Scarsdale

Steroidal creams are the first, and most common, option for treatment of eczema. A dermatologist may prescribe a corticosteroid cream that is stronger than over-the-counter cream and lotion options. Although it is important to also use moisturizers to reduce the flare up of eczema, steroidal creams address the inflammation when a flare up does occur.

Antibiotics are another option for eczema treatment if infection has developed. Although an antibiotic will not treat the eczema itself, scratching and irritation from clothing can sometimes lead to an infection that must be treated. A dermatologist can determine if you have developed an infection and prescribe the appropriate antibiotic treatment for it.

Photodynamic therapy and the treatment of eczema

Photodynamic therapy is a newer treatment that works by exposing the eczema to controlled UV lights for short periods of time. Photodynamic therapy can be done right in the dermatology office and is a pain free option, often used for extreme cases of eczema.

Your NY-based dermatologist can help you overcome eczema

It is important to meet with a dermatologist for an assessment of your eczema condition that includes gathering information such as allergies, frequency of outbreaks and an examination of the current outbreak. If you are concerned that your chronically dry skin may be eczema, you should set up an appointment at our New York City or Westchester County office for diagnosis and to discuss the best treatment plan for your needs.