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Reduce Stretch Marks with Painless Light Therapy Treatment

Published on November 15, 2011

In the past, everyone simply had to deal with unsightly scars and stretch marks. Thankfully, new technological advances are taking place at Manhattan Dermatology & Laser Center. Thanks to board-certified dermatologists like Dr. David Kriegel, many people are beginning to see excellent results and are reporting an improvement in blemishes after treatments involving new light therapy technologies.

How does light therapy treat stretch marks and scarring?

These light treatments reduces stretch mark scarring by softening and flattening the stretch marks with light treatment.

Participants who attended 10-20 sessions over 5-10 weeks saw a 20-60 percent reduction in their stretch marks.

Light therapy treatments performed at Manhattan Dermatology & Laser center by board-certified dermatologists are virtually painless. You may resume normal activities immediately following your treatment.

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For more information regarding your potential candidacy for these procedures and to learn more about what light therapy treatments can mean for you, please contact Dr. David Kriegel today to schedule a private consultation.

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