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How Do Botox Injections Work?

Published on January 25, 2015

You most likely have heard of Botox and seen the results of this procedure on television. Many famous people have had Botox injections and have a more youthful appearance as a result. You may have seen the results from people you have met or know in your own life. If you are considering having this cosmetic procedure done on you, there are questions you probably have. The following is dermatologist-provided information that will likely answer some of these questions.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox is a substance injected into your muscles, usually facial muscles. Because of the Botox, your muscles cannot receive signals from the nerves, and your muscles begin to relax. This creates a smoother appearance, as wrinkles begin to diminish. Botox injections are most often used around the eyes, on the forehead and in areas around the mouth.

A Scarsdale Botox Treatment is an outpatient procedure

Most Botox procedures are done in our Westchester County dermatologist’s office. It only takes a few minutes and you are on your way. Botox is a simple injection, and it’s not complicated. The only thing that may accompany the injection may be a local anesthetic to numb the area the needle will be used on. Most people are able to go back to their routine the same day. It’s no different than going to a dental appointment for a cleaning.

Are there any side effects to this cosmetic procedure?

Most people experience no side effects, but those who do will experience mild reactions. The most common examples are mild nausea, headache or a general weakness. These feelings dissipate quickly. Everyone’s body reacts slightly different, so after you experience a Botox injection, you will know exactly how your body will react. Most people can go back to work and continue their daily routine right after the injection.

What else should I know about my NY Botox treatment?

Botox treatments are often done over a long period of time, because they are not permanent. They will only last a few months and you will need to visit a dermatologist again. The first step will be to schedule a consultation with a board-certified dermatologist. We offer Botox to residents of New York City and Westchester County at our two offices in Scarsdale and Manhattan.