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Plump Lips, Treat Acne Scars, or Remove Fine Lines with Restylane

Published on September 9, 2014

If you’re seeking a solution for facial wrinkles, thin lips, eye troughs, or acne scars from an NYC dermatologist, why not try Restylane? Our Restylane treatments provide an easy solution using hyaluronic acid. This is a common dermal filler that has no animal components without a skin test. Hyaluronic acids are present in all living things, so there’s no need to worry about a reaction.

Restylane – a dermal filler that has proven results in NYC

Restylane treatments remove wrinkles from around the mouth, unsightly folds between the lips and nose, and also enhances thin lips. It can also be used to treat age related depressions under the eyes and eye troughs. This natural gel provides immediate results, usually with no side effects. The only reported side effects are rare. They include redness, swelling, bruising or minor pain and they last a few days at the most.

What to expect from Restylane treatments

Restylane usually works from six to twelve months before it’s harmlessly absorbed by your body. This treatment generally takes about 15 minutes with no down time after. Contact our NYC certified cosmetic dermatologists for more information on a treatment plan for you.

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