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Photodynamic Therapy: The Ideal Acne and Damaged Skin Treatment

Published on September 24, 2011

A high quality laser clinic, like Manhattan Dermatology & Laser Center, can offer excellent results for patients who are seeking treatment for damaged skin. Most often, photodynamic therapy, known as PDT, is used along with Levulan to improve a variety of cosmetic skin conditions. Some examples of people who benefit from this procedure include:

  • those who have mottled pigmentation
  • deep wrinkles
  • large pores
  • poor skin texture
  • pre-cancerous lesion
  • and acne scars or active acne.

In addition, treating some of these conditions can decrease the risk of cancer in later years.

What can I expect from Photodynamic Therapy Treatment?

Most patients who undergo photodynamic therapy at Manhattan Dermatology & Laser Center will notice greatly improved results if they undergo the recommended number of treatments. Those who suffer from poor color and texture of their skin due to sun damage will notice major improvements after undergoing about three treatments. These treatments are typically separated by two to four weeks. However, some patients who are looking for a treatment of pre-cancerous lesions may be satisfied with the results after only one session.

Why is PDT such a popular treatment these days?

Photodynamic therapy is greatly appreciated for its quick results and ease of treatment methods. It is completely non-invasive and generally has no negative side effects. When the skin’s appearance is dramatically improved, especially the sensitive skin of the face, the individual’s confidence level will receive a significant boost.

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